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Stay away from Desert Wide Properties. I am not sure that any other company in any business sector has as many deranged employees that work at/ and run the daily operations. The owners and management are just as deranged as the employees.

I can't imagine what their hiring practices must consist of because a climate like this can't possibly fall into place by itself, it would need to be created. After being subjected to Desert Wide Properties and looking at reviews, I can tell you if you EVER see any good review about them, it was printed by one of their employees or someone connected to them.

Desert Wide Properties value deranged employee behavior and unethical business practices to a point that its their company "culture", they pride themsevles on it.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #688144

As an owner, I am horrified to read about the experiences of some of tenants of DWP that are all over the Internet. Please don't think this owner has had it any easier with them, just aggravated in different ways. With our unit in Villagio, they can't send repair people out fast enough and bill the owner for the charge and I don't even know about it til

I get my monthly statement. If the a/c malfunctions, of

Course I want it running for my tenants. But if the sink backs up

Because the tenant puts stuff down it, why is the owner responsible? April franklin actually told me she would ask the tenants if they mind paying half. Also our tenants have under paid the rent for 2 mos and we find out via the monthly statement. Is April

In to answer my call? NOPE! DWP absolutely useless !'n


We are STILL in one of their places and can't STAND them! They took almost TWO months to fix a leak in our ceiling. Told us that we have a $200 credit we can use for food during that time (leak was in the kitchen and we were told that we would not have access to it).

We thought we were being smart and did not want to take advantage of our landlord's money so we thought Ok we can grill, microwave and toaster oven stuff so lets get some groceries cook stuff the night before they come to fix the kitchen and put stuff in the cooler or in our chest freezer that was not in the kitchen area.

We only spent $126, $60.00 on groceries the rest on days when they were actually fixing it went out to eat.

They declined to pay us for groceries stating that we had NO WAY to cook the food and the money was earmarked for out to eat! They did not say that in the beginning they said FOOD budget. WHen we tried to explain what we tried to do they interrupted us and said WE ARE NOT BUDGING! And IF that is the case then we should have gotten A LOT more $$ for out to eat I mean REALLY 2 months and $200 is NOT enough to go out to eat for sure.

I have been called a liar to my face over something that two weeks before they actually told ME what was supposed to be done.

We we told to STOP bothering them with questions on out maintenance issue because it slows them down.

STAY AWAY!! They are terrible

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